​    The first step is always deciding selling is right for you. Do you need to move? Do you have a plan for after you sell? Asking yourself these questions can get you started. Also, getting your free Comparative Market Analysis from me will give you an estimate of your home's value, and thus you'll know if selling is right financially. 

​     Step two is signing up with your agent. Make sure to ask questions about anything specific you don't understand. Your agent should give you some recommendations on getting your home ready for showings and pictures. If your home is ready, it's time for photos and entering your home on the Multiple Listing Service.

​     The third step is marketing. The number one marketing tool in real estate is the MLS as it immediately gets your home is front of all local real estate agents. Being on the MLS also ensures your home is spread across the internet to over 80 real estate websites including Zillow and! We also have many followers on our Facebook page to keep active buyers engaged and ready for when the home they're looking for hits the market.

​    If all goes well, the next step will be receiving an offer. Your agent should provide you a copy of a blank offer to purchase when you list so that you may have time to review it so you're prepared when the offer is presented. The legal framework at this time is very important, so all questions should be asked before you sign the contract. Your agent will also help you through the negotiations, as there is more than just a purchase price that needs to be considered.

     Once the contract is signed by all parties, step five is time for the buyer to have the inspections they wish. Every home will have something show up on a home inspection. Depending on what and how much is wrong with the home, the buyer may ask you to make some repairs. Again, this is a negotiation that your agent can help make a smooth and inexpensive as possible. It is during this time we will contact your attorney to get them in on the transaction so as not to have an unforeseen title issue and other delay for closing.

​    And finally, step six is closing day. Real estate closings have changed recently for privacy concerns. No longer do the buyers, sellers and agents all sit in a room while they sign documents. Now closings are as private as you want them to be. A lot of our clients close on property while they are out of town. Be sure to ask your attorney any questions you have before signing the documents.

    Congratulations, you have just sold your home!

     Years of passionate commitment to helping neighbors in our communities have been personally rewarding in helping clients and friends achieve their life goals.


     We've helped countless families find their first home, expand into something bigger when new additions are added to their families and downsize as children move out of the nest.


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     In the 5 year span from January 2018 to December 2022, the list to sale ratio of single family homes in our MLS is 82%. In the same time period, Real Estate Revolutions has a list to sale ratio of 100%! 

    Why are we more successful selling our homes than the average real estate agent? First of all, we're not average. We answer phones and return voice mails promptly! We work with our sellers to understand their goals in the transaction, and then help our clients achieve those goals. You are not just a number that  gets plugged into a corporate system with strangers answering your phone calls. You speak with your broker and we aren't happy unless our clients are happy!​

     Second, we're honest. We don't come in and promise you a big sale price just to get your listing. Over inflating a home price can negatively affect a property's sale price as buyers wonder why the home isn't selling. Is there something wrong with the house?



​     The biggest concern potential clients have in listing with a small, local REALTOR is will their home have the same exposure as it would have with a larger firm. Please allow me to present a few facts from the National Association of REALTORS and you can answer that question yourself.


  • 51% of home buyers found their home on the internet
  • 30% were notified by their broker because of the Multiple Listing Service
  • ​7% seen the yard sign or attended an open house
  • 6% were notified by a friend, relative or neighbor
  • 5% found their home via a home builder and/or the builder's agent
  • 2% purchase directly from the seller, maybe they knew each other
  • Less than 1% seen their future home in the newspaper


     If the percentages are added up, about 87-88% of residential home purchases came directly from an agent's marketing. Our local firm admittedly doesn't spend our time nor our hard earned money to compete for space in newspapers. Advertising in a newspaper is solely to keep sellers happy (hey honey, look we're in the paper!) and to promote their own brand.

     We do, however, compare nicely with the remaining 99% of marketing agents use outside of newspapers. We are members of the Land of the Sky REALTOR Association which shares it's listings with most every agent in the state via the Charlotte based Canopy MLS - just like the corporate and national firms.

     As for the internet, where 51% of home buyers find their future home, we are synced up with over 75 feeder sites like Zillow,, Trulia and Refin, just like the big corporations. According to, our listings had the possibility to be seen by over 1 billion people in the first 3 months of 2018. 

     Now, with the information provided, do our clients enjoy basically the same exposure as they would receive with a national firm? 

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     Whether you're buying your very first home or moving to our beautiful mountains, we will help you find the place you want to spend the next few trips around the sun, if not the rest of your life.


     Our experience ensures we know the area well and how to match both you and your lifestyle to an appropriate neighborhood that's within your price range.


     We won't stop until you're happy. We know this is a big investment for you and want you to be as excited with your new residence as you can be. Referrals are our life blood, and happy clients are our best source of referrals. You will not be treated like a number. You are an individual with your own individual needs.

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Because of the unique characteristics of each piece of property in the western North Carolina mountains, the real estate market in Asheville and the surrounding areas poses a uniquely tough challenge for selling a house fast, fair and hassle-free.

Please browse the useful information and tips below to learn more about selling a house in Arden, Asheville, Black Mountain, Swannanoa and other mountain communities.